Mario Landerman

Thursday, August 27, 2015

by Mario Landerman



Who’s your DADDY

"The World Film Festival in Montreal" has not been known in recent years for pushing the envelope.  A quite lackluster affair, the stars are snubbing the event,  preferring the more welcoming "Toronto International Film Festival" .  And who could blame them?  Glamour is as much a part of movies as are the artists in front or behind the cameras.  And the TIFF is friendlier to reporters than the WFF.

But this year, due no doubt to a few changes in management, the edition of the WFF set to debut today could very well be a step in the right direction.  The chinese movies, a major gripe of recent years, have been kept to a minimum, paving the way to innovative movies from around the globe.

One of the movies that got our attention is the gay-themed "DADDY", in which stars Gerald McCullouch.  The name might not immediately ring a bell with french-speaking quebecers, but those who watch television, especially crime dramas, will no doubt identify the handsome actor as Bobby Dawson, a recurring role in "CSI".  Gerald pops all over the place on TV.  He had roles in "Bones", "Law and Order : Special Victims Unit", and "Hustling", just to name a few.

We have also seen him in movies, including the very well-made series of "BearCity".  Incidentally, "BearCity 3" is slated to appear in 2016, and will again feature Gerald McCullouch as the popular character Roger Beam.

Before "DADDY", there was…"DADDY"?

True!  The origins of the movie that will be presented Sunday and Monday at the WFF are rooted in a theatrical production of the same name, in which starred a few of the same actors, including McCullouch and Dan Via, who also is the writer of the play. 

At the heart of the play is Colin, who has always been the Golden Boy. Our titular daddy is starting to feel he is missing out on a deeper connection with someone. Stew, his closest friend, let his aversion to academic politics trump his ambition. But now a can't-refuse job opportunity may take him thousands of miles from his comfortable routine. Enter Tee, a bright, intense and young man who sweeps Colin off his feet. Colin thinks he's found the connection he's been missing; Stew thinks his friend has lost his mind. Convinced the increasingly erratic younger man might be dangerous, Stew forces a confrontation that will change all their lives, forever.

A good mix of comedy and suspense, "DADDY" offers a provocative look at love, loyalty, and the cost of things unsaid.  Themes that will appeal to a broad audience.

Critically acclaimed by the specialized press, it was decided to make a movie.  Gerald McCullouch, anxious to see this film made, started a Kickstarter campaign in order to amass the funds to finance it.  The result will be presented to montrealers this Sunday, and if the movie is as good as the play was, it will definitely be a winner.

I was told that there are a few tickets left for the screenings, and they are going fast, especially among the gay community.  But the story told in "DADDY" is universal, and everyone will find something that suits him or her in it.  Almost everyone will relate to that story, because love touches each and every one of us.

So what are you waiting for?  "DADDY" is welcoming you with open arms!



Sunday August 30, 2015 - 04:10 PM - CINÉMA QUARTIER LATIN 15
Monday August 31, 2015 - 09:00 PM - CINÉMA QUARTIER LATIN 15

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