Sébastien Dion
Lundi, 27 octobre 2008
par Hélène Rousse

Life is a Dream : a must see

Andreas Apergis

Life is a Dream, starring Andreas Apergis, startles us from the beginning, with their Old English and period costumes. Interesting enough, this play was originally written in the year 1636 by Pedro Calderon de la Barca. He was most favored by the Spanish monarchs, and was the most influential playwright in the history of Spanish theatre. An interesting story, with a king and a prince, a diminished relationship between father and son, a taste of power and glory intertwined with candor and subtle pleasantries. This play is definitely entertaining with many talented musicians, and a must see.


Life is a Dream, Julie Tamiko Manning, Donovan Reiter


Centaur Theatre Company
453 St. François-Xavier
Montreal, Quebec

 until November 1st. 

For more informations : http://www.centaurtheatre.com/